Radish came from Middle East countries, but it’s planted all over the Europe. The main exporters of this vegetable are Spain, Israel & USA. The Netherlands is one of the biggest radish consumers in Europe. We offer the products from Israel to our partners. The season lasts from October till June.

Israel 1 class S - M - L caedboard 12 kg: 24*0,5 kg

Beneficial features:


Food fibers – 1,6 g
Carbohydrates – 3,4 g
Proteins – 0,68 g
Energy value: 16 kcal

Kalium  – 233 mg
Phosphorus – 20 mg
Calcium – 25 mg
Sodium – 39 mg
Magnesium – 10 mg
Ferrum – 0,34 mg
Manganese – 0,069 mg
Cuprum – 0,050 mg
Zinc – 0,828 mg
Selenium – 0,1 mcg
Fluorine – 3,2 mcg

А - 7 IU
С - 14,8 mg
B1 - 0,012 mg
B2 - 0,039 mg
РР - 0,254 mg
B5 - 0,165 mg
B6 - 0,071 mg
B9 - 25 mcg
К - 1,3 mcg


There are three types of radish: pink, black & daikon. All varieties can be divided into groups depending on harvest period, ripening duration & quality of the radish roots.

  • Year-round varieties have small roots with the short ripening period (4 weeks). The roots of this type may be round, semiround, large & medium. There are a lot of types adapted to different weather conditions with pink, red, round & lenghthened roots.
  • Estivo-autumnal varieties have great roots & longer ripening time (6 weeks). These radishes grow more slowly, they are larger & have more strong taste, as a rule.
  • Winter varieties of radish sometimes reach the turnip size. Their flesh is firm, thick with strong taste. Their ripening period lasts for more than 100 days. The roots of winter varieties are good for long warehousing.  

Country of Origin:

Israel is the largest roots producer. Though carrot is the main exporting culture, radish has also high demand in EU countries & Russia.