Orange HIT

It’s impossible to grow oranges in Russian climate zone in spite of the Russians’ favour to the “china apple”. That’s why our country imports these fruits from the countries of Africa, Asia & Mediterranean.

According to “Fruit News” the Russian orange import in 2013 amounted more than 500 thousand tons. The main importers of this kind of citrus are Egypt & Southern Africa. In 2013 more than 70% of total Russian orange import felt to these countries share.

The oranges from three countries: Egypt, Turkey & SAR - are represented in the company’s range. But our main offer consists of “ROYAL FRUITS” Company citrus, our strategic partner in Egypt. They are imported under SOFIYA trademark, well-known to Russian consumers. The high season for Egyptian products goes on since November till April. The Turkish season comes at the same time.   The RSA season lasts from April till November.


Navel / Valencia / Shamouti / Baladi 

1 class 36-100 cardboard 15 kg
Republic of South Africa

Navel / Valencia

1 class 36-100 cardboard 15 kg

Navelina / Washington / Navel / Valencia

1 class 36-100 cardboard 15 kg

Beneficial features:


Food fibers – 2,4 g 
Carbohydrates – 9,35 g
Proteins – 0,94 g
Fat – 0,12 g
Energy value: 47 kcal 

Kalium  – 181 mg
Phosphorus – 14 mg
Calcium – 40 mg
Magnesium – 10 mg
Ferrum – 100 mg
Cuprum – 45 mg
Zinc – 70 mg

С - 53,2  mg
B1 - 87 mcg
B2 - 40 mcg
B3 - 282 mcg
B5 - 250 mcg
B6 - 60 mcg
А - 225 МЕ
E - 0,18 mc


  • Normal: fruits of different sizes with yellow pulp & tasting sour-sweet.
  • Navel oranges: large fruits weighing 200-250 grams. The special feature of fruits is a knob on the top. The navel varieties are Washington Navel, Robertson Navel, Thompson Navel.
  • Jaffa varieties are juicy, sweet, with large, pithy, dark-orange fruit. Representatives of Jaffa varieties are Valencia, Bellady, Shamouty, Khalily, Yoppa.
  • Red oranges have not big fruits with bright-red, tasty & juicy pulp.

Country of Origin:

Egypt  is one of the biggest producers & importers. Oranges make 65% of citrus & 30% of fruit total country output. The main Egyptian varieties are Navel, Valencia, Balady & Shamouti. Russia is the main importer. More than 18% of total orange export was shipped to Russia according to Fruit News report. In 2014 after the embargo had been imposed, the share of Egypt export to Russia increased.

Republic of South Africa. ranks the first on orange & grapefruit global export market. The South African citrus supplies season comes in spring & summer months. The share of RSA in total orange supplies to Russia amounted 25% in terms of money & 25,6 % in volume terms.

Turkey. The Turkish producers are mostly represented in mandarin, lemon & grapefruit import. Oranges, clementines & other citrus make the less part. The Turkish share in total Russian orange import is about 13,4 %. Main exporting varieties are: Washington, Navel & Valencia.