Onion HIT

Nearly 400 types of onion are known all over the world. 228 types grow in Russia. The most popular of them is garden onion. The birthplace of onion is in Central Asia, Iran & Afghanistan. It was delivered to Europe by the ancient Romans, who taught the other Europeans to cultivate it.

More than 170 countries grow the onions for internal consumption. Nearly 9,2 million acres of farm lands are occupied by onion production. Such countries as China, India, USA, Turkey & Pakistan also export the onion abroad. The biggest of them are China & India.

Russian onion market is one of the biggest. Russian Federation produces about 2% of all onion crops. In 2013 the local output amounts nearly 1,7 million tons according to the  Onion & Garlic Crop Report WSC, Cochin Feb 2014.  Russia is the biggest onion importer, its share is 9% of global onion import volume. In 2014 the total Russian import amounted 361 456 tons according to Federal Customs Service. The onion is shipped in Russia from China, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Central Asia countries &  former republics of the USSR.

We offer the Egyptian onions. The harvest season lasts since February till June.


Red onion / Golden onion / White onion

1 class 40+ bag 25 kg

Beneficial features:


Food fibers – 1,7 g
Carbohydrates – 9,34 g
Proteins – 1,10 g
Energy value: 40 kcal

Kalium  – 146 mg 
Phosphorus – 29 mg
Calcium – 23 mg
Sodium – 4 mg 
Magnesium – 4 mg 
Ferrum – 0,21 mg
Cuprum – 0,039 mg
Manganese – 0,129 mg
Selenium – 0,5 mcg
Zinc – 0,49 mg

С - 7,4 mg
B1 - 0,046 mg
B2 - 0,027 mg
РР - 0,116 mg
B5 - 0,123 mg
B6 - 0,120 mg
B9 - 19 mcg
А - 2 IU
E - 0,02 mcg
К - 0,4 mcg


There are more than 400 onion types in the wild. They are:

  • Garden onion. A lot of varieties with different taste belong to this type. Among them are sweet, low-acrid, semihot & hot varieties.
  • Underground onion is the close relative of the previous type. It’s cultivated due to the tender green leaves with more delicate flavor. 
  • Purret looks like garlic, especially the top parts – the scape & leaves. But the purret’s scape is thicker, than garlic’s. They also taste different.    
  • Chive is grown because of the green leaves with tender flavor. It has the looks of seed onion.
  • Bulb onion is called the Egyptian onion. It contains more vitamins than other long-term onion varieties, has the best phytoncidal properties.
  • Dwarf Alp onion is cultivated for its green parts. It has more flat & less hot leaves, than the garden onion has.    

 The main exporting types are the garden onion (yellow & red), underground onion & purret.

Country of Origin:

Egypt. is one of the main onion producers. In 2014 the Egypt volume share of total onion import amounts 18%. The onion is cultivated nationwide.