Historically carrots were grown not for roots, but for fragrant leaves & seeds. The first mention about using the carrot root for food  was met in ancient sources in the 1 century A.D. The modern carrot was delivered to Europe in X-XIII centuries.

The biggest acreage of this crop in Europe is located in the East. The main producers there are Russia (the acreage is 90 000 hectares), Ukraine (39 000 ha) & Poland (22 000 ha). Such countries of Western Europe as France (13 000 ha), Germany (10 500 ha) & United Kingdom (10 100 ha) also play a significant part in carrots production. The base quantity of carrots harvested in Europe gets into the market fresh & packed. In the most countries of Northern Europe nearly 25% of grown carrots get into retail ready-to-cook & chopped into pieces.

Russia is the second global carrots producer by volume. China is the first, its share amounts to 34% of worldwide carrot produce. In spite of the great volume of local production in 2014 Russia imported 244 466 tons of carrots according to Federal Customs Service. This vegetable ranks third in terms of total vegetables import with the share of 10% advanced by tomato & onion. The main carrots exporters to Russia are Israel & China.

We offer the carrots from Israel. The Israel vegetables are available from February till June.

Israel 1 class 35 plastic bag 18 kg

Beneficial features:


Food fibers – 2,8 g
Carbohydrates – 9,58 g
Proteins – 0,93 g
Energy value: 41 kcal

Kalium  – 320 mg
Phosphorus – 35 mg
Calcium – 33 mg
Sodium – 69 mg
Magnesium – 12 mg
Ferrum – 0,3 mg
Manganese – 0,143 mg
Cuprum – 0,045 mg
Zinc – 0,24 mg
Selenium – 0,1 mcg
Fluorine – 3,2 mcg

А - 16706 IU
С - 5,9 mg
B1 - 0,066 mg
B2 - 0,058 mg
РР - 0,983 mg
B5 - 0,273 mg
B6 - 0,138 mg
B9 - 19 mcg
E - 0,66 mcg
К - 13,2 mcg


The carrot genus amounts nearly sixty species. Carrot species are different. There are table & feed carrots. The carrot varieties are divided into early ripe, midseason & late-season.

  • The ripening period for early varieties lasts from 70 to 100 days.
  • For midseason types – 100-120 days.
  • And 120-150 days for late-season varieties.

The roots can differ by form & size. There are three groups of varieties by roots shape: oval, cylindrical & conical. The most popular is cylindrical shape.

Country of Origin:

Israel is the leader in agriculture. Russia is the main carrot import destination. The most part of vegetables are grown in Arava district.