Central Asia is considered to be the birthplace of apple tree.  The cultivated apple is the most expanded. There is a plenty of varieties of this kind of apple tree growing in different climate conditions.

According to “Fruit News” Agency Russian consumers buy about 1,5 million tons of apples annually. More than 1 million tons before the 2014 was imported from EU countries (Poland, Germany, France), Moldova, China, Argentina & RSA. The apple ranks the second after babana in terms of import volume. In 2014 according to Federal Customs Service its share reached 18,9%.

Usually since the early March - April fruit from the Southern Hemisphere – Argentina, Chile, Southern Africa - come to the market. But even in the height of supplying season from these countries in May & June the apple export volume from Southern Hemisphere amounts 20 thousand tons per month, what is 4-5 times less than EU apple export in the same period. 

Royal Fresh supplies the apples from RSA since April till September, from Argentina – since March till July. The local crop is available from September till April.


Semirenko / Golden Delicious / Idared / Royal Gala / Red Delicious / Granny Smith / Fuji

1 class 55+ cardboard 12,5 / 14 kg
Republic of South Africa

Golden Delicious / Royal Gala / Red Delicious / Granny Smith

1 class 55+ cardboard 12,5 / 14 kg

Royal Gala / Cripps Pink

1 class 70-110 cardboard 18 kg

Beneficial features:


Food fibers – 24 g

Carbohydrates – 13,81 g

Proteins – 0,26 g

Fat – 0,17 g

Energy value: 52 kcal

Kalium  – 107 mg

Phosphorus – 11 mg

Fluorine – 3,3 mg

Calcium – 6 mg

Magnesium – 5 mg

Manganese – 0,035 mg

Ferrum – 0,12 mg

Cuprum – 0,027 mg

Sodium – 1 mg

Zinc – 0,04 mg

С - 4,6 mg

B1 - 0,017 mg

B2 - 0,026 mg

РР - 0,091 mg

B5 - 0,061 mg

B6 - 0,041 mg

B9 - 4 mcg

А -54 IU

E - 0,18 mcg

К - 2,2 mcg


Depending on variety apples differ in: a) fruit color: green, red, yellow & pink; b) taste: sour, sweet, sour-sweet; c) pulp: with pithy or hard pulp.

The description of the most popular varieties on Russian market follows below.

  • Semirenko. These are average or large green, round-shaped apples. Sometimes they have the light erubescence. The apples have strong sour-sweet taste with slightly wine after-taste & light spicy flavour. The pulp is rather hard & juicy. This variety is good for warehousing.   
  • Golden Delicious. This variety has yellow, slightly oblong, average & large apples with small dots on the skin. It has sweet, slightly blank taste & juicy, rather pithy pulp, are good for warehousing.
  • Red Delicious. These apples are usually large, oblong, red-coloured. They have rather pithy pulp. Their taste is sweet & slightly blank. The fragrant is light, pleasant & spicy. The light bitterness, usual for dark-red apples taste, may exist.
  • The Gloster apples are of average size, oblong, green with red erubescence. Their pulp is very hard & crisp. The taste is sour-sweet, more sour than sweet. They are good for storing.
  • Royal Gala apples are small or average, of round shape, yellow-colored with strong red erubescence. The pulp is rather hard, the taste is strong & sweet, with light pleasant sourness. The apples have fruity flavor, are good for stock keeping.
  • Idared. The apples of this variety are large, round, of yellow color with red erubescence, which may cover half or sometimes almost the whole fruit. The skin is thin. The pulp is rather pithy, juicy, with strong sour-sweet taste.
  • Jonagold is the variety with large, yellow (sometimes greenish), slightly oblong apples with bright-red erubescence, which can cover the most part of fruit. The pulp is rather pithy. The taste is sweet with light sourness, slightly blank.
  • Fiuggi apples are round-shaped, daffodil-colored with scarlet erubescence. These apples are supplying from China, though this variety was bred in Japan. Their taste is not so strong, slightly blank & sweet at the same time. The pulp is hard & crisp. The apples have long shelf life.
  • The apples of Granny Smith variety are green & slightly oblong. They have rather thick skin & very hard, crisp pulp. Their taste is  sour & rather strong. This variety is good for warehousing.
  • The Pink Lady are rather expensive apples. The apples come from Australia, France & RSA. They are round & not large. The apples’ color is yellow with very pleasant-looking pink erubescence. The pulp is juicy. The taste is sweet with light sourness. The apples have the light strawberry fragrant.

Country of Origin:

Russia. The commercial apple production is not too big. Local apples & pears supply less than 20% of Russian market demand. In 2013 only about 600 thousand tons of apples & pears were grown by Russian agricultural business & farm units. Half of this fruit volume was used for juice & puree processing according to the Federal State Statistics Service.

RSA. Western Cape district is the “heart” of apple production. Farmers of this district grow a lot of tasty apples of red, yellow & green varieties. The most popular exporting RSA varieties are: Granny Smith, Gala, Golden Delicious.

Argentina is one of the main fresh apple suppliers from the Southern Hemisphere. The exporting varieties are Royal Gala, Cripps Pink.