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Iceberg lettuce

Iceberg lettuce NEW

There are more than one hundred varieties of lettuce. Among them are leaf & cabbage lettuces, differ by shapes & colors, both light-green and maroon. And all of them are remarkably tasty & useful. The leaf lettuce was still on the Romans table. At that time it was eaten fresh with  salt  & olive oil, torn into big pieces. In Middle Ages it was served as the side to meat.

Iceberg is the most popular lettuce variety. It reminds the white cabbage in appearance & crunches just like it. Iceberg has the neutral flavor that’s why is mixed well with any ingredients. It is the only lettuce variety resistant to cold. When using this lettuce regularly, it regulates metabolism & improves the blood composition.

The local & import products are introduced on the Russian market. The main local producer is the Belaya Dacha Company with the share 60% of total volume. As for the import, basically the head-lettuces are imported, such as iceberg, rucola salad & romaine lettuce. The import products are represented both fresh in group or unit package and ready-to-eat, washed in vacuum packing.

China is the lettuce market leader with the share 60%, USA & India follows it.   The main exporters in Europe are Italy, Spain, Turkey, Iran & Egypt.

The local produce is available all the year round, as it is grown in greenhouses. In 2014 and 2015 when the embargoes on EU products & Turkish salads were imposed, the local produced took their place on the Russian market.

Our company offers to its customers the Egyptian products. The produce from Egypt is available since November till February.



1 class 400 g + plastic box 6 kg / consumer packsging - plastic pack

Beneficial features:


Food fibers – 1,2 g
Carbohydrates – 3 g
Proteins – 0,9 g
Fat – 0,1 g
Energy value: 14 kcal

Kalium  – 121 mg
Phosphorus – 20 mg
Calcium – 18 mg
Sodium – 10 mg
Magnesium – 7 mg
Ferrum – 0,41 mg
Zinc – 0,15 mg
Manganese – 0,125 mg
Cuprum – 25 mcg
Selenium – 0,1 mcg

А – 25 mcg
Alpha-carotene – 4 mcg
beta-carotene – 0,299 mg
lutein / zeaxanthin – 277 mcg
С —2,8 mg
В1 — 0.041 mg
В2 — 0,025 mg
В4 – 6,7 mg
В5 – 0,091 mg
В6 — 0,042 mg
В9 — 29 mcg
PP — 0,123 mg
Е — 0,18 mg
Gamma tocopherol – 0,09 mg
К — 24,1 mcg
Betain - 0,1 mg


There are nearly one hundred varieties of leaf lettuce. They are divided into two groups: leaf & cabbage lettuces.

The cabbage lettuces are:

  • Iceberg. It has gotten the name due to the way of transporting. It was covered with ice while transporting. It is something like white cabbage. Its pieces crunch in the same way, but the taste is more delicate & pleasant. The greenery contains a lot of water.
  • Lettuce also looks slightly like white cabbage. But it should be kept in cold water for some time in order to make it crunchy.
  • Ruccola is the plant with the bitter & spicy flavour. It is cultivated for more than two thousand years. It was popular still in ancient Rome. It is valued for high content of ascorbic acid & carotenoids.
  • Red chicory is rich in iron & calcium.
  • The crunchy cos lettuce is rich in sodium.
  • The Roman lettuce is well-known owing to the Caesar salad. It is one of ingredients of Caesar classical cooking recipe. It is spicy & crunchy.
  • The cornsalad is dark-green & curly. It looks nicely in dishes.
  • The leaf lettuces are:
  • The Ballet lettuce has dark-green, fan-shaped, crunchy sprouts.
  • Tornado. It is the midseason, crunchy variety, resistant to shooting. It’s very tasty & productive.
  • Moscow glass-raised lettuce is early-ripening. It suits both for growing in the field & in greenhouse.
  • Dubachik variety is mid-season with oblong, slightly-undulating, light-green leaves. It is able to grow the new leaves instead of cropped ones.
  • The Roblen lettuce is the mid-season variety with high rosette & oblong dark-red leaves.
  • The Dubrava lettuce is also mid-season light-green variety. It is very tender, tasty & attractive-looking.


Country of Origin:

Egypt grows almost all lettuce varieties, but iceberg is the top-priority one. As iceberg is not resistant to the high temperatures it’s grown mostly on the hydroponic farms. Egypt plants iceberg both for EU market & internal consumption.