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The high consumption of fruit & vegetables delays the age-related cataract.

The high consumption of fruit & vegetables delays the age-related cataract.


The recent researches of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered the connection between the age-related cataract & consumption level of some carotenoids & vitamins.

The age-related changes in crystalline lens cause 35% of all blindness cases in the world.Many choose surgical modalities to recover sight. The researchers found, that the total cost of cataract extraction surgery will make nearly 5,7 billion dollars between the 2010 & 2020.  

Due to the disturbing results, the experts of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition started to study the connection of dietary structure with cataract.  The goal was to find out the nutrition elements affecting on the human age-related cataract development. They hoped their discovery will help to delay age-related changes & this way, will decrease the cataract surgery expenses & the amount of those, who need it.

When examining the results of previous studies concerning this subject, the experts of the Journal discovered that of 13645 earlier published articles only 20 touched the subject. Five of the 20 materials were conducted in North America, two – in Finland & one in Australia.  

The participants of the studies were after forty. The researchers examined six trials concerning the vitamin E intake & four, comparing the effect of beta carotene intake with placebo. All participants received the Food Frequency Questionnaire.   

As the result it was discovered that the high consumption of some vitamins & nutrients is able to delay the age-related cataract. Of cause there were some limitations. One is that the participants with high intake of vitamins more likely followed the healthy lifestyle.   

In spite of the contradictions, the found results express the opinion, that the high consumption of fruit, dark-green vegetables, capsicum, carrots & tomatoes may delay the age-related cataract.  


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