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“Royal Fresh” expands the onion importers’ list.

“Royal Fresh” expands the onion importers’ list.

The new direction of company’s import was opened in March 2019 - Uzbekistan. Supplies from this country will start with the onion in the middle of the month. Traditionally, spring is the season, when the stocks of local harvest come to an end, while the market demand of onion, cabbages & carrots still stays high. The retail prices also are tending upwards.

Vegetables import is the only way to provide Russians with the essential fresh products in off-season time. Russia is one of the world biggest onion importers. Nearly 313 thousand tons of these vegetables were shipped in the country in 2017.  Egypt, Turkey & China are the main suppliers of this culture to Russian Federation. 

Onion is the traditional farm crop for Uzbekistan. The Uzbek product is well-known to Russian consumers since the USSR period & traditionally has credibility. This former USSR republic was the age-old provider of rathe-ripe to Russian market. In post-Soviet years Egypt, Turkey & other foreign products took the place of Uzbek vegetables.

According to the data of the Office for National Statistics of Uzbekistan the Uzbek fruit & vegetables export achieved  874,5 million dollars in 2018 (growth rate - 37,5%). Russia is the second exporter of fruit & vegetable produce from Uzbekistan with the share of 13,5% & volume 113,8 mln dollars. In 2017 Uzbek onion export amounted to 27 thousand tons. In 2019 the country plans the significant increase of onion & other vegetables of “Borsch set” supplies.

The Uzbek onion will be shipped to “Royal Fresh” partners since the middle of March. Available sizes: 50+. Packaging format: 20-25 kg net bag.