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Greenhouse vegetables crop will overtop 1 million tons by the end of the year.

Greenhouse vegetables crop will overtop 1 million tons by the end of the year.


According to Minselkhoz of Russia the greenhouse crops’ production in heated houses of Russia will reach 1.2 million tons, what is nearly 200 thousand tons (+20%) more, than last year.    

Just now it’s possible to say, that as-of this year nine months the crop of greenhouse vegetables has closed in on 1 million tons & reached 967 thousand tons according to the country’s agricultural office. That is 20% more, than last year’s result. Nearly 93% of this amount (897 thousand tons) was grown in heated houses. Progress reports of Minselkhoz show the cucumbers crop is 13% more than last year. Cucumbers production amounted 548 thousand tons, that is 56,6% of total greenhouse crop. The greenhouse tomatoes volume surpassed the last year result by 15% & reached 337 thousand tons.

Earlier, in the top of the year the volume forecast of agricultural office was more ambitious. As Agroinvestor magazine reported, it was announced about the greenhouse vegetables crop of 1.3 million tons. As Minselkhoz mentioned before, “More than 1 thousand hectares of high-tech greenhouses were built in the last five years. In 2018 350 hectares of greenhouses were taken into use & upgraded. The total acreage of heated houses increased up to 2.5 thousand hectares, what is a fourth more than in 2014.” Krasnodar & Stavropol Territories, Lipetsk & Moscow Regions, Bashkiriya are the leaders of the sector.

According to the agricultural office’s forecast the sector volume is planned to increase up to 1.5 million tons until 2025. The President of Russian Greenhouses Association Alexei Sitnikov expects the acreage of operable greenhouses will amount 2.7 thousand hectares till 2024 bearing in mind the state support reduction & old facilities loss. The state support reduction is the main reason the previous forecast has been revised downward.