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Turkish cherry export to China overpassed 1 million USD.

Turkish cherry export to China overpassed 1 million USD.


Turkey has just finalized the exporting cherry deal with China & shipped cherries at cost of 1 million 380 thousand USD (1 million 225 thousand EURO). Hong Kong cherry export has also increased by 76%. The total export value to China & Hong Kong amounted 3 million 357 thousand USD.

Turkish efforts in cherry export to China finally came to result. Turkey succeeded in exporting production, valued 1 million 380 thousand USD to the country, which cherry export value amounts 800 million USD (710 million Euro) per year.

As the Chairman of Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters Association Hayrettin Ucak reported, the export started according to the mutual covenant with China. He announced, that the protocol was signed only in mid-season. “Our exporters managed to build the net & started cherry exporting in spite of the fact that the deal was signed in the middle of the season. Due to these figures we suppose to reach 200 million USD (177,6 million EURO) of cherry export this year,” – Ucak marked.

The export is developing due to air freight  

“Air freight is very important for fruit & vegetable export to China & other Far Eastern countries. Turkish producers will be more active on the global market due to the air freight”, -   Ucak focused.          

Turkey exported 65 thousand tons of cherries valued 155 million 650 thousand USD (138 million 270 thousand EURO) since January 1 till July 10, 2019. In the same period of last year Turkish export to China amounted 69 thousand tons in volume & 152 million 198 thousand USD (135 million 210 thousand EURO) in value.

The export decreased by 6% in terms of volume, whereas in value it increased by 2%. The cherry season stated with two weeks delay this year due to the weather conditions. Allowing for that, the figures are expected to be higher by the end of the season.  

Germany ranks the first among the Turkish cherry exporters with 77 million USD (68,4 million EURO), Russia follows it with 34 million USD (30,2 million EURO). Netherlands, Austria, Hong Kong, Denmark, Sweden, Italy & Iraq follow Russia.  

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