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The Rosselkhoznadzor banned apple & pear import from the Republic of Belarus since 12.04.2019

The Rosselkhoznadzor banned apple & pear import from the Republic of Belarus since 12.04.2019


The press office of the government agency commented  the reasons of Belarus fruit import ban on the Rosselkhoznadzor website in the 12th of April 2019.    

According to the Agency, it’s highly likely that the Republic of Belarus certifies the sanction produce as Belorussian. In 2018 and early 2019 the Rosselkhoznadzor revealed facts of supplying sanction production as Belorussian, followed by phytosanitary documents, issued  by the competent authorities of the Republic of Belarus. Therefore the government agency regularly asked Belorussian colleagues to tighten up their grip on phytosanitary certification of local fruits-and-vegetables production, importing to Russia.

The Rosselkhoznadzor also informed the Belorussian party about the need of investigation concerning the revealed facts of supplying sanction production with the false information about the country of origin.

By the opinion of the public authority, it happened that under ban fruits-and-vegetables products, delivered to Russia from Belarus with the aid of fraud schemes, by-passing the phytosanitary check points, are similar by its species composition & variety split to the Belorussian production. These products are packed into the similar transport packaging, come in void of documents & proper marking.

Therefore, and also because of the lack of necessary information about the Belorussian producers (volumes of output, storage time & etc.), the temporary import restrictions on the apple & pear supplies from the Republic of Belarus, were imposed. The government agency tells the restrictions are temporary & are imposed until the current situation will be solved.   



12/04/2019 http://www.fsvps.ru/fsvps/news/29996.html