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The prices for vegetables got up in Russia.

The prices for vegetables got up in Russia.


According to the Rosstat tomato prices went up at 6,5%, cucumber prices – at 3,1%. East Fruit reports about tomato price hike of 11% in wholesale. The shipment volume decreased. Some greenhouses stopped sales of previous term vegetables according to East Fruit information.

Experts say most of the greenhouses make the technological brake in shipments for plantings renewal & facilities disinfection. The shipment brake usually occurs in low-price period. Supplies are gaining steam as early as mid-October. The experts are sure, the price hike is seasonal. As a rule, tomatoes in Russia get up in the early October, cucumbers – from the end of September till early October, capsicums – by the end of October. The field vegetables season comes to an end by the time.

The great deal of field tomatoes is grown in the Southern Regions of Russia & in the Volga territory. Weather conditions provided to get a good crop this season. But current field vegetables production doesn’t cover full market demand. That’s why the greenhouse vegetables are sold in retail even during the field vegetables season.  The General Manager of Technology Rosta Company Tamara Reshetnikova marks, that most of the field tomatoes grown in Russia targeted at processing sector.

According to the company’s & Minselkhoz forecast the greenhouse vegetables production will reach 1,2 million tons this year. The Fruit-and-vegetables Association estimate of the season is more optimistic – 1,3 million tons. The head of the Association Anatoly Kutsenko thinks, the tomato & cucumber volume share will be equal. But Anatoly Kutsenko marks, the situation can change up to the end of the year, when the new greenhouses starts with cucumber production.

The Association Experts’ forecast the greenhouse vegetables import decrease at 8% to 2018. It’s not an issue for the market, but the market trend is changed. However this sector demonstrated the solid growth in previous years. The prices for greenhouse vegetables keep at a level of 2018. But the experts say they may rise at 2 to 5% to 2018 due to the production increase.


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