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“Royal Fresh” starts season with Peruvian pomegranate.

“Royal Fresh” starts season with Peruvian pomegranate.

The season of south-american pomegranates starts in the end of March. “Royal Fresh” opens the supply season with Peruvian fruit. The first lots of pomegranate will be available for sales from the last week of March till the first week of April.

Pomegranate is usual for Russian consumers.  Unfortunately, Russia doesn’t produce this crop in industrial volumes. Earlier, in Soviet times, Azerbaijan provided the main volume of this fruit to the Russian market. This country still stays among the most important exporters of pomegranate to Russia, but the great volume of this fruit in retail was placed by produce from Egypt, Turkey & Israel.

The Peruvian pomegranate season generally lasts since February till June. Europe is the main market for Peruvian growers. The significant volume of pomegranates distributes across the continent directly to the Netherlands. Peruvian producers intensively expand the new export destinations. The opening of Chinese & Brazilian markets, increase of USA supplies are among the top-priority.       

Peru is the new direction of “Royal Fresh” pomegranate import. Now we ship in pomegranates from Egypt & Israel. The season for these countries lasts since August till March. The South-American  fruit extend the season until the end of May, when pomegranates from usual suppliers are not available.  According to “Royal Fresh” buyers, the pomegranate from Peru will be available for sales until the end of May. “Wonderful” is the main Peruvian export variety. Available sizes: 5-8. Packaging: cardboard 3,8 kg.