Pear NEW

The pear is not less ancient fruit than the apple. This plant supposed to be originated in Persia & Armenia, wherefrom it expanded to ancient Greece & other Mediterranean countries. Pear fruit are fragrant, juicy, very tasty & useful.

In 2014 total Russian pear import amounted 367121 tons. The share of this fruit in total Russian fruit import made 6,6% by the results of 2014. Main pear exporters were Argentina, Belgium, Belorussia, Netherlands, China, Poland & RSA. In 2014 the import volume of these countries increased 88% of total Russian pear import. Argentina is the biggest exporter of these fruit. Its share in 2014 amounted 26%.

The RSA share amounted 4,7% of all pear supplies. According to experts forecasts the market share of EU countries decreased greatly in 2015 due to the geopolitical influence & import embargo. So all other exporters expanded their market reach in Russia.

Our company offers fruit from Southern Africa & Argentina. The RSA season runs on since March till July. The Argentina produce is available at the same period.



Red Bartlett



Abate Fetel

1 class 70-100 / 28-40 (Abate Fetel) cardboard 18 kg
Republic of South Africa

Packhams Triumph

Williams (Bartlett)



Buerre Hardy

Abate Fetel

1 class 52-60 cardboard 12,5 kg

Beneficial features:


Food fibers – 3,1 g

Carbohydrates – 15,23 g

Proteins – 0,36 g

Fat – 0,14 g

Energy value: 57 kcal

Kalium  – 116 mg

Phosphorus – 12 mg

Calcium – 9 mg

Magnesium – 7 mg

Manganese – 0,048 mg

Ferrum – 0,18 mg

Cuprum – 0,082 mg

Sodium – 1 mg

Selenium – 0,1 mcg

Fluorine – 2,2 mcg

Zinc – 0,1 mg

С - 4,3 mg

B1 - 0,012 mg

B2 - 0,026 mg

PP - 0,161 mg

B5 - 0,049 mg

B6 - 0,029 mg

B9 - 7 mcg

Е - 0,12 mg

К - 4,4 mcg

А - 25 IU


There are early, autumn & winter varieties according to the ripening period. Early varieties fruit ripe too rapidly, so it’s necessary to look after, in order to be in time with harvesting. Winter types get ripe while storing. They are less edible just after harvesting. The most popular pear varieties are:

  • Abate Fetel. It’s a yellow-green pear with the brown net. This fruit is large, mainly of oblong shape. The pulp is white, crunchy & sweet.
  • Forrele is the yellow pear with large red spot on the side. It has normal pear-shaped form & suits for canning, as it’s hard.
  • Packham’s Triumph is the kind Barlett variety, it’s bigger & wider by the shape. It ripens earlier.
  • Williams or Bartlett is the early autumn English variety. It comes to Russian market from European countries called Williams from USA, Chile & Argentina; named Bartlett from RSA & Australia and sometimes under the name of Williams Christ from Argentina. This variety is considered to be one of the best in the world. Yellow (while ripen) fruit reach average and large sizes. The pulp is ivory-white, melting, very juicy & sour-sweet with typical muscat shade.

Country of Origin:

RSA. The pear production is concentrated in Western Cape, in such areas as Elgin, Ceres & Wolseley. The main exporting varieties are Forrele, Packham’s & Williams.

Argentina. Pear together with the apple is one of the main exporting crops. Key varieties are Williams, Bartlett Red, Packham, Anjou, Abate Fetel. The supplying season depends on the variety. Such varieties as Williams, Bartlett Red are available since March till May, Packham & Abate Fetel – since April till June. The Anjou variety is supplied throughout the season since March till June.