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Peach HIT

By research results China is the birthplace of peach. But this plant was delivered to Europe from Persia. The peach ranks the third in Europe by crop yield & acreage after such well-known fruit as apples & pears.

In 2014 peach & nectarine Russian import volume amounted 225 399 tons. The share of these fruit in total Russian fruit import reached about 4% by results of 2014. Generally peaches & nectarines came to Russian market from the UE countries, such as Spain (with the volume share of 50% in 2013-2014), Greece (with the share of 17,9%)  & Italy (with 4,8%). The total volume share of these countries exceeded 75% by results of those years. Turkish share at another point was about 5,4%. But the situation changed dramatically after the EU fruit import embargo had been imposed. Turkish import went up by 70% & its share in total volume increased to 9%. Supplies from such countries as China (+76% to 2013), Israel & Belarus (+86% to 2013) also were up. The import volume from the countries of Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan) & Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia) also expanded.    

Our company offers fruit from Israel & Egypt to its customers. The Turkish season runs on from May till August. Fruit from Israel are available since May till August, from Egypt – at the same time.


Dixired / Red Globe / Red Heaven / J. H. Hale

1 class 55+ cardboard 6 kg

Dixired / Red Globe / Red Heaven 

1 class 61 - 67 cardboard 10 kg


1 class small cardboard 10 kg

Beneficial features:


Food fibers – 1,5 g

Carbohydrates – 9,54 g

Proteins – 0,91 g

Fat – 0,25 g

Energy value: 39 kcal

Kalium  – 190 mg

Phosphorus – 20 mg

Fluorine – 4 mg

Calcium – 6 mg

Magnesium – 9 mg

Manganese – 0,061 mg

Ferrum – 0,25 mg

Cuprum – 0,068 mg

Selenium – 0,1 mcg

Zinc – 0,17 mg

С - 6,6 mg

B1 - 0,024 mg

B2 - 0,031 mg

РР - 0,806 mg

B5 - 0,025 mg

B9 - 4 mcg

А - 326 IUE - 0,18 mcg


All peach varieties are divided into 3 groups:

  • Normal peach. It has downy fruit with bright juicy pulp of yellow or white color. Varieties of this type are: Red Heaven, Cardinal, Favorite Morettini.  
  • Nectarine. It’s a smooth-skinned peach, the hybrid of normal peach & apricot. The specialty of these fruit is the smooth skin. These fruit are smaller, and have more hard pulp, than peaches. Besides, it is more fragrant & has more pronounced, pleasant flavor. 
  • Flat peach (with deep-flat fruit). The donut peach is regarded to this variety. The donat peach is the graded variety, it doesn’t occur in nature. China is its birthplace.

Country of Origin:

Turkey. In spite of the peaches growing all over the country, more than 50% of Turkish export is produced in Marmara Region. The Mediterranean & Aegean Regions follow it in volume of output terms. Varieties with yellow pulp are basically grown in Turkey. The Mediterranean Region produces early varieties, while the Marmara & Aegean Regions grow late varieties of these excellent fruit. Such crops as Red Globe, Red Heaven, Disksired, Hale are planted in Turkey.

Israel is one of the biggest global exporters. When the Turkish fruit embargo had been imposed, Israel companies partly replaced Turkish on the Russian market.

Egypt. Florida is the main exporting variety.