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Guatemala ships to Russia the first…
25/11/2019 Russia is the new export destination for Guatemala’s fruit & vegetables. The Frutas Tropicales…
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Guatemala ships to Russia the first vegetables supply

Guatemala ships to Russia the first vegetables supply


Russia is the new export destination for Guatemala’s fruit & vegetables. The Frutas Tropicales de Guatemala SA (Frutesa) made the first shipment of Chineese & sweet pears to Russian market. Frutesa also supplies Russia with Hass avocado.

Gloria Elena Polanco, the founder and president of Frutesa is sure, that prepackaged fresh fruit & vegetables are highly demanded in Russian retail. Luis Fernando Teo, the commercial director of the company announced, that they entered the market through the clients from Continental Europe, mainly from Netherlands & France. He also pointed out, that the main short-term goal for the company is to find the direct market access. In addition, they try to find possibilities for distribution in local supermarkets. So they are working to participate different fairs in Europe, such as Fruit Logistics in Berlin, Germany or Fruit Atraction in Madrid, Spain. The other way out is to build relationships with Russian Embassy in Guatemala in order to find the customers inside the country & establish direct commercial ties.

"It is very important that the Russian market begins to know the products that Guatemala can offer. This is a great possibility to expand to other regions, beyond the traditional European market," he stated. The main pear season in Guatemala lasts from November to June & from mid-July till August. Teo thinks, these periods are the most preferable for supplies to such demanding markets, as Europe & Russia.     

According to Fanny D. Estrada, the director of institutional relations of the Guatemalan Association of Exporters (Agexport), they have to continue working on freight and logistics transportation costs reduction, as they are too high in spite of non-fruit & vegetables export turnover. She also thinks, they have to diversify their export to protect the country from political steps of other countries, such as the trade barriers for Guatemala’s products or imposing tariffs, placed by USA President Donald Trump, caused by immigration issues.   

The Bank of Guatemala reported the Guatemala’s export to Russia up until August reached 7.4 million US dollars & its import amounted 77.5 million.