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Fruit & berries sales cropping will overpass the last year result

Fruit & berries sales cropping will overpass the last year result


Russian gardeners are looking forward to harvesting of record fruit & berries crops. According to market experts & RF Ministry of Agriculture officials, the production volume in sales cropping will amount 1.4 million tons.   

What is 17% more than last year, when the record volume 1.2 million tons of fruit & berries, produced in commercial farm units & private farms, has been hit. According to the authorities, out of bounds figures were achieved due to young plantings of intensive & super-intensive type, coming up the full capacity. In 2018 all kinds of farms total crop overpassed the previous year figures by 24,4% & reached 3.3 million tons.

New gardens will make 150 thousand tons growth in 2019 according to the Russian Fruit-and-Vegetables Association. Apples make the basic increase of the segment. Their output increases by an average of 200-300 thousand tons annually. So, the Association is expecting the apple crop of nearly 1.2 million tons in 2019, what will surpass the last year result by 20%. The other fruit & berries crops will reach nearly 150-200 thousand tons.

The structure of sales cropping segment changes due to the growing new planting acreage & placing the old gardens by young ones. The market share of commercial quality apples grows. The total volume of 700-750 thousand tons is expected in sales cropping, the President of Association Anatoly Kutsenko thinks. “The apples of industrial varieties are mostly grown in the old traditional gardens. Their market share is decreasing, while the crop of commercial quality apples is growing.” – the President of RF Gardeners Association Igor Mukhanin said to “Agroinvestor”.

The main volume of commercial quality apples is planting in the farms of South of Russia (Kabardino Balkariya & Krasnodar Region) & Central Federal District (Tambov, Belgorod, Voronezh & Kursk Regions).  “Generally, weather conditions are favorable, so flowering & fruit-set is in progress. Thus there are all conditions to achieve the expected result,”- Mukhanin said.

With the segment investors government support the rising trend in sales cropping is expected to be run on in the future. As the representative of the RF Ministry of Agriculture press-office told to “Agroinvestor”, 4.3 thousand hectares of new gardens were laid out in the first decade of May 2019, what is 23% more than last year. “It’s planned to lay out more, than 11,6 thousand hectares of new plantings by the end of the year, to reach the forecast figures of State program. So taking to the mind the average three years data, the current expected result will amount nearly 15.6 thousand hectares.” – commented the Minselkhoz of Russia representative. Kutsenko thinks, the share of intensive gardens is less than 30% of total planting acreage. But the Government, branch Union & relevant Associations are carrying out programs to allow the additional support for investors financing the intensive gardening.

According to the authorities, there are all conditions for branch development, fruit output rising & import phaseout in spite of the market challenge, low prices & high import share. Surely it is related to the kinds of fruit, which can be planted in our climate.