Artichoke is the perennial herb of the thistle family, normal for Mediterranean region. The herb can reach the height of 1,5 meter. The herb color spectrum is from green to blue-violet, vegetables are oblong, of gray-brown color. The central parts of inflorescence are used for food. Artichoke is known to the Egyptians, Greeks & Romans since ancient times. The Spain was the first country in Europe where the artichoke appeared. It was delivered there from Northern Africa by the Arabs.

Italy, France & Spain are the countries cultivating artichokes in Europe. In America they are grown mainly in California. In Russia the artichoke is more a culinary specialty & is cooked in European & Mediterranean restaurants. It is eaten boiled, roasted, baked & stuffed. The canned artichokes are also popular in Europe.

Egypt is one of the main global exporters of this exotic vegetable. We offer to our consumers the products of the key Egyptian producer. The product is available since November till April. 


Violet / Green / Mini

1 class cardboard 5-5,5 kg

Beneficial features:


Food fibers – 10,3 g
Proteins – 3,47 g
Energy value: 64 kcal

Kalium  – 343 mg
Phosphorus – 88 mg
Calcium – 25 mg
Magnesium – 50 mg
Ferrum – 0,73 mg
Cuprum – 0,152 mg
Manganese – 0,27 mg
Selenium – 0,2 mcg
Zinc – 0,48 mg

С - 8,9 mg
B1 - 0,06 mg
B2 - 0,107 mg
РР - 1,332 mg
B5 - 0,288 mg
B6 - 0,097 mg
B9 - 107 mcg
А - 16 IU
E - 0,23 mg
К - 17,8 mcg


All the varieties can be divided into two groups:

  • Spring varieties. These are early varieties harvested since February till March, but also the season can last till May or June.
  • Autumn varieties are harvesting since October or November and going on with the winter break until May. The most of the second crop is meant for processing.
  • These are the most popular artichoke varieties:
  • Spinosi is oval-shaped, thornless, bright-green & very fragrant.
  • Prickly Albenga has conical shape, is oblong, with large leaves & prickles. It is used for carpaccio, salads or sauce.
  • Spinoso Сицилии is rounded, pulpy & fleshy; very tasty fresh & roasted.
  • Chioggia Veneto is of light color, used roasted & boiled.
  • Violet Tuscany is of violet color, conical-shaped, very tasty while baked, roasted & stewed.
  • Violet Catania is thornless, round, with violet leaves.
  • Paestum artichokes are rounded, also thornless, with dark-red leaves.
  • Romanesco is also called “violet” or “cimarolo”. It is rounded, large, thornless, with large soft violet-green leaves.  It gives less by-products while processing, is good for stuffing.

Country of Origin:

Egypt. The artichoke variety growing in Egypt is called Violet artichoke. Its birthplace of this type is Var district, which is located in the South of France not far from Kavayon. It’s a premium type with good taste & fragrant & tender inflorescences. It has conical shape, violet fruits & green leaves.